About us

Albin International has extensive experience in arranging repatriations worldwide and is conveniently situated close to the vast majority of foreign consulates and Embassies in London.

With a team of extremely experienced and multi-lingual staff, we can assist with repatriations to and from any country around the globe. We realise that arranging a repatriation can be particularly traumatic, given that in addition to the grief of losing a loved one there is also the concern of having to arrange travel to another country with the associated complication of the necessary documentation and permits.

Our staff are fully familiar with these procedures and will guide you seamlessly through the process in order to ensure that the repatriation goes as smoothly as possible. Indeed, we are also funeral directors and can arrange funerals in the UK in addition to our repatriation service. Your nearest telephone is really our nearest office and, if needed, we can visit you.

Throughout our time serving a myriad of diverse clients we have always tried to uphold the traditions of those that have passed before us, but have never been slow to recognise the need for change and act upon it.

Our Staff

Barry Albin-Dyer

Rest in Peace

2nd February 1951 - 6th June 2015

Emerson De Luca

Managing Director

Started 2006

Greg Mancini

Operations Director

Started 1996

Silvano Amato

Finance Director

Started 2009

Jonathan Fletcher


Started 1999

Jon Dyer


Started 1998

Simon Dyer


Started 1994

Willem Blekkenhorst

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2010

Stephanie Dannet

Office Supervisor

Started 2014

Graham Cook

Office Manager

Started 2004

Edita Petraityte

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2002

Beatriz Watts

Consular Liaison Officer

Started 2010

Stephen Gleeson

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2017

Helena Masheter

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2016

Cristina Mendoza

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2017

Silvia Pereira

Repatriation Specialist

Started 2017

Owen Jones

Wellness Coach

Owen is responsible for the mental and spiritual health of our staff. He also provides bereavement counselling to both our staff and the families we serve.